Climate link roundup: September 2020

Hello from a particularly cool and overcast week in September, as Smoke From Western Wildfires Darkens the Skies of the East Coast and Europe (InsideClimate News, September 19). People and policy The Drawdown is a resource for climate solutions in a range sectors. This JSTOR article sums up the connection between racial disparities in COVID-19… Continue reading Climate link roundup: September 2020

Climate link roundup (featuring climate v. COVID)

I'm a little behind on my intention to keep up with climate news, so quite a few of these links are from my Climate Change coursework this spring. It's worth it to me to do some annotations; I'll need to revisit this information again. People and policy Grist: The curse of ‘both-sidesism’: How climate denial… Continue reading Climate link roundup (featuring climate v. COVID)

Let’s check in on how that sustainability resolution is going

At the beginning of the year, I set an intention to adopt more sustainable practices in my home. Early on I asked Twitter for recommendations, which is how I learned that a surprising number of my friends were already using a local compost service to manage food waste. I loved hearing about all of the… Continue reading Let’s check in on how that sustainability resolution is going

Environmental interactives and charts

A noncomprehensive list! Just a selection I've come across recently. Weather 2050: a tool developed by to predict how your city's temperature and precipitation could change by the year 2050. They are using Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5, which is a climate prediction scenario that assumes we will continue using energy at the same… Continue reading Environmental interactives and charts

A link roundup for those of us with climate change anxiety

Historically, this is the blog where I put writing that didn't fit elsewhere in my life. Reading and writing for pleasure, when I was supposed to be reading and writing for my dissertation. Video game stuff. Real talk about jobhunting. Topics that occupy a lot of space in my emotional landscape and occasionally need an… Continue reading A link roundup for those of us with climate change anxiety

Reading Roundup: February 2020

After We All Died by Alison Cobb. One of my creative writing classes assigned part of this collection of poetry and poetic prose, and the instructor recommended I read the rest after she read my speculative fiction short story (alluded to last month). This poetry is not about the future per se, but it is… Continue reading Reading Roundup: February 2020