Environmental interactives and charts

A noncomprehensive list! Just a selection I've come across recently. Weather 2050: a tool developed by Vox.com to predict how your city's temperature and precipitation could change by the year 2050. They are using Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) 8.5, which is a climate prediction scenario that assumes we will continue using energy at the same… Continue reading Environmental interactives and charts

A link roundup for those of us with climate change anxiety

Historically, this is the blog where I put writing that didn't fit elsewhere in my life. Reading and writing for pleasure, when I was supposed to be reading and writing for my dissertation. Video game stuff. Real talk about jobhunting. Topics that occupy a lot of space in my emotional landscape and occasionally need an… Continue reading A link roundup for those of us with climate change anxiety

Reading Roundup: February 2020

After We All Died by Alison Cobb. One of my creative writing classes assigned part of this collection of poetry and poetic prose, and the instructor recommended I read the rest after she read my speculative fiction short story (alluded to last month). This poetry is not about the future per se, but it is… Continue reading Reading Roundup: February 2020

An intention for 2020

My family (well, really my mother) has established a New Year tradition for the last few calendar years: pick one word. Verbs are good; some nouns work too. Choosing your word is like setting your intention at the beginning of a yoga class: it's the one thing you most want to find, or aspire to,… Continue reading An intention for 2020