An intention for 2020

My family (well, really my mother) has established a New Year tradition for the last few calendar years: pick one word. Verbs are good; some nouns work too. Choosing your word is like setting your intention at the beginning of a yoga class: it's the one thing you most want to find, or aspire to,… Continue reading An intention for 2020

Elsewhere on the Internet: Language Acts and Artifacts

From The Toast, linguist Gretchen McCulloch offers a sort of taxonomy of doge, a meme which startled and perplexed me the few times I encountered it. Her explanation helps contextualize both the syntax of the doge meme and its appeal. Internet dialects are taking up the same kind of space as a silly accent or… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Language Acts and Artifacts

Words I frequently mistype and what they should mean

Please feel free to use the following words in a meaningful sentence. Apologues ("AH-poe-logs"). Noun, plural. Apologies (especially fauxpologies) given for show, in the manner of a Shakespearean monologue. Ex. Grantland's apology, taken apart at Aoifeschatology. Historican. Noun. A cross between a historian and a publican; one who purveys history as if ale. Ex: Jaya Saxena, living my… Continue reading Words I frequently mistype and what they should mean