Kind Masterminds

First, some personal backstory: after a few meetings with a career counselor not long ago, I took a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test and a Strong Interest Inventory. The assessments were extremely satisfying and helpful for me: it's not that I learned anything about myself that I didn't already know, but the assessments gave voice to… Continue reading Kind Masterminds

Judging books by their covers

As I've described, my office occasionally receives galleys of forthcoming books, usually fiction directed toward women (although last month we got something that looks like a mash-up of World War Z and Sex in the City). Sometimes they come addressed to the marketing department, sometimes to me or to the marketing assistant. Usually, publicists send galleys… Continue reading Judging books by their covers

A game for book snobs

So awhile ago on Twitter, I linked to an article that satisfyingly applied charts and graphs to my pet peeve of book titling, "The ___'s Daughter." (To be fair, my expressed peeve was with "The ___'s Wife," but you can see the connection.) The article at The Millions also called out the title construction "The… Continue reading A game for book snobs

Why I Don’t Participate in Book Surveys on Facebook

This post was first published on Peachleaves.  They leave a lot of books out. When I see one of these, I don't ask myself how many books on the list I've read. I do ask: who put this list together? Why? How did they choose book for this list? What is having read them supposed… Continue reading Why I Don’t Participate in Book Surveys on Facebook