My life as an NPC

For the last six weeks, my life has become very local. I work from home. I relax at home. I follow along with virtual dance classes using a kitchen chair as a barre. I schedule virtual hangouts with friends and carry my computer around so I can sit on the patio while it's light out… Continue reading My life as an NPC

A small grief on the subject of the body

I got back from a conference in New York late one Wednesday night. I left my bag mostly packed, knowing I'd be back on a train that Friday afternoon to visit friends in New Jersey. On Thursday night I went to see a murder mystery movie; afterward, at my place, my partner made us drinks… Continue reading A small grief on the subject of the body

A small grief on the subject of belonging

My aunt passed away this fall--on Thanksgiving Day, actually. It was both sudden and not: she had been sick and struggling for some time and had elected to transition into hospice care, but no one expected to lose her that day, that week. Unlike the rest of us, my aunt was slight in stature, short… Continue reading A small grief on the subject of belonging

An intention for 2020

My family (well, really my mother) has established a New Year tradition for the last few calendar years: pick one word. Verbs are good; some nouns work too. Choosing your word is like setting your intention at the beginning of a yoga class: it's the one thing you most want to find, or aspire to,… Continue reading An intention for 2020