Tattoos for English Majors

Up until relatively recently, this blog had a title, and the title was Scribal Tattoo. I wasn't particularly attached to the name, which is a shallow pun on "tribal tattoo": I'm the scribe, obviously, and while I'm not more tattooed than your average writer, my identity as a tattooed person goes all the way back… Continue reading Tattoos for English Majors

In which I try to process my feelings through books

Little Women One Monday morning in January, I was home from work for the bank holiday. I had been dragging my feet on starting the first assignments for my online course in climate science. Reluctantly, I started playing the lectures as I boiled beans for chili, darting to my computer to pause the video and… Continue reading In which I try to process my feelings through books

A small grief on the subject of the body

I got back from a conference in New York late one Wednesday night. I left my bag mostly packed, knowing I'd be back on a train that Friday afternoon to visit friends in New Jersey. On Thursday night I went to see a murder mystery movie; afterward, at my place, my partner made us drinks… Continue reading A small grief on the subject of the body