Notes on Piranesi

In which I either lose or find myself in a book Entry on the day of our fourth virtual watch party for the His Dark Materials television series, season 2 I read Susanna Clark's Piranesi in two days. It might have been one, but I keep busy. It was the beginning of the week, and… Continue reading Notes on Piranesi

An intention for 2021

It seems like tempting fate to make any resolutions for the new year. Didn't 2020 just show us not to hold our plans too dear? But an intention is more like a guideline--something to fall back on when everything else is falling apart. In that sense, a pandemic is the best time to set an… Continue reading An intention for 2021

Tattoos for English Majors

Up until relatively recently, this blog had a title, and the title was Scribal Tattoo. I wasn't particularly attached to the name, which is a shallow pun on "tribal tattoo": I'm the scribe, obviously, and while I'm not more tattooed than your average writer, my identity as a tattooed person goes all the way back… Continue reading Tattoos for English Majors

In which I try to process my feelings through books

Little Women One Monday morning in January, I was home from work for the bank holiday. I had been dragging my feet on starting the first assignments for my online course in climate science. Reluctantly, I started playing the lectures as I boiled beans for chili, darting to my computer to pause the video and… Continue reading In which I try to process my feelings through books

A small grief on the subject of the body

I got back from a conference in New York late one Wednesday night. I left my bag mostly packed, knowing I'd be back on a train that Friday afternoon to visit friends in New Jersey. On Thursday night I went to see a murder mystery movie; afterward, at my place, my partner made us drinks… Continue reading A small grief on the subject of the body