Reading Roundup: March 2021

I spent the first three weeks of the month in an intensive writing creative nonfiction workshop, and read a few pieces of flash every day to discuss. The second spring term started in the middle of that--I'm taking fiction writing this semester. These are some of the short pieces we read in those courses that… Continue reading Reading Roundup: March 2021

Scenes from the last few weeks of my former life

One In those days, my best friend R from college would stay with me for one weekend a month. Often we just drank wine and ate fancy cheeses, the height of adult sophistication as we imagined it in our twenties. When I saw him in the last few weeks of my former life, I had… Continue reading Scenes from the last few weeks of my former life

Reading Roundup: February 2021

One day my neighbor dropped by for a masked, distanced outdoor visit and handed me a book she had recently finished for her book club."It is by a man, though," she amended."What am I supposed to do with it?" I asked, making her laugh. But weirdly, most of the books I read in February were… Continue reading Reading Roundup: February 2021

February Climate Roundup: In defense of hope

I listened in on a panel on climate writing, and an audience member asked the writers to weigh in on what author Jenny Offill calls the obligatory note of hope. The writers on the panel agreed: they see neither hope nor the obligation to offer it. I disagree. As I've often said, learning more about… Continue reading February Climate Roundup: In defense of hope

Reading Roundup: January 2021

Empire of Gold by S.A. Chakraborty. Oh, I enjoy the Daevabad trilogy so much. This book is a honking 900 pages long, and I read it in three days. Under the circumstances it wasn't quite as escapist as it could be to read about a violent coup and an ongoing attempt to hold a city's… Continue reading Reading Roundup: January 2021

Reading Roundup: December 2020

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. I loved this book so much I read it twice this month--once to experience it, and again immediately afterward to pull some of my favorite lines for a longer post. Then, unfortunately, I had to return that copy to its owner--but I think I will buy my own. The hardcover is… Continue reading Reading Roundup: December 2020