Words I frequently mistype and what they should mean

Please feel free to use the following words in a meaningful sentence.

Apologues (“AH-poe-logs”). Noun, plural. Apologies (especially fauxpologies) given for show, in the manner of a Shakespearean monologue.
Ex. Grantland’s apology, taken apart at Aoifeschatology.

Historican. Noun. A cross between a historian and a publican; one who purveys history as if ale.
Ex: Jaya Saxena, living my dream and serving up food history at First We Feast.

Correspondance. Noun. A typically lengthy Email thread where you and your ladyfriends go back and forth about how to maximize awesomeness on your next night out.
Ex. “Hey ladies!”

See also: Eggcorns


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