Review: The Frame-Up

The Frame-Up by Meghan Scott Molin

In Molin’s debut novel, violet-haired MG Martin struggles to reconcile her creative dreams with the vexing realities of her dream job: writing action-packed superhero serials like The Hooded Falcon comics she idolized as a teen. When clues straight from the classic series start showing up in real-life crime scenes, MG is drawn into a police investigation–and drawn to the handsome LAPD detective leading the case. But her love life has to wait: as long as suspicion falls on MG and everyone she cares about in the geek community, she just as determined to get to the bottom of this case as she is to win the San Diego Comic-Con costume contest. With supporting players including her competitive gamer roommate and drag diva hairstylist, and subculture set pieces such as a formal cosplay ball and a Star Wars rewatch party, The Frame-up has fan service for geeks of every stripe. These colorful trappings make for a cantering read as frothy as MG’s favorite cinnamon dolce lattes, but beneath her elaborately curated manic pixie vibe is a raw longing for human connection, and it is MG’s vulnerability that gives the plot speed and weight.


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