You should message me if: you read women’s fiction

Book Riot posted this excerpt from a recent interview with Meg Wolitzer, whose careful, observant fiction I really enjoy. Wolitzer often speaks out against various institutional biases against women authors, and in this interview she theorizes about the way packaging can discourage male readers from picking up new books by female authors. Book Riot's Josh Corman… Continue reading You should message me if: you read women’s fiction

The Wives

This post was originally published on Peachleaves. I updated my Goodreads page – are you my Goodreads friend?  You should be! – with a book I picked up in a used bookstore during lunch yesterday: The Wife, by Meg Wolitzer.  (Meg Wolitzer also wrote The Uncoupling, which I quite enjoyed.) When I searched Goodreads for… Continue reading The Wives