Elsewhere on the Internet: Women, art, and love

There's not really a theme here: this is just a list of links I've enjoyed this week that I wanted to share before I take to the sea. (I finally get to say that and mean it!) Remember when I posted about Lilit Marcus's article about reading only women in 2013? Lilit posted a sequel… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Women, art, and love


Trolling Your Thesis

If you are a current or recovering academic, odds are good that you've already seen lol my thesis within the last month--and thanks to each and everyone one of you who linked to it.  Reducing years of research and pages of explication into one sentence = academic comedy gold. I'm delighted by the premise as a book pusher, since… Continue reading Trolling Your Thesis

Elsewhere on the Internet: Fun with Bound Books

Happy holidays, y'all. I cannot claim responsibility for the creation of my company's book tree--although when I heard that the marketing assistant was spearheading one, I gleefully pulled down all of the books from our archive that I've been meaning to ship back to the warehouse for ages. (Unfortunately, most of them were not green,… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Fun with Bound Books

Elsewhere on the Internet: A little help from your friends

Melville House posted Margaret Atwood's rhymed rejection of solicitations to blurb new books, which is great fun. As someone who frequently solicits blurbs for my press's books, occasionally taking quite a long shot to do so, I very rarely get no for an answer and never mind when I do--unless the no started out as… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: A little help from your friends

A few notes on academic book titles

For first-time authors: name your dissertation something plain and boring if you're planning to turn it into a book. A book and a dissertation should not share a title, so if you've got a good one, save it for later! Your "good" title, by the way, should contain information about the book's topic. That may… Continue reading A few notes on academic book titles

How Not To Be: Publicity

I've been a high school teacher and a tour guide for drunken out-of-towners; I've provided customer service to angry, entitled museum members. I've dealt with some tough customers, in other words. Yet I'm continually surprised at some of the rude and ungenerous replies that scholars and authors return to my department's marketing efforts. The worst… Continue reading How Not To Be: Publicity