The Laws of (Marketing) Magic

A few months ago, I wrote on Facebook that about 60% of the staff at my current job refers to my work as "doing my magic." It's a variation of anĀ old meme: SomethingĀ is needed Sara does her magic Profit! At first, I was somewhat flattered by this--"I really feel like a magician, y'all" was my… Continue reading The Laws of (Marketing) Magic


Elsewhere on the Internet: Writing in Public

Did you know that it is NaPoWriMo? Last year I challenged myself to read a poem every day, since I knew I'd be too busy to write so many and too shy to share. This year I made no such committment, but fortunately I follow a few poets who are churning them out, so I… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Writing in Public

Elsewhere on the Internet: Fun with Bound Books

Happy holidays, y'all. I cannot claim responsibility for the creation of my company's book tree--although when I heard that the marketing assistant was spearheading one, I gleefully pulled down all of the books from our archive that I've been meaning to ship back to the warehouse for ages. (Unfortunately, most of them were not green,… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Fun with Bound Books

Font Lines

Last Tuesday, my work iMac had a meltdown. I felt like having one too: it's been a stressful month, trying to keep my major seasonal project rolling while filling in the gaps that open in the absence of a departmental assistant. But there is no time for hard drive failure, mine or otherwise, so I… Continue reading Font Lines