Philly Thrive prepares for its next environmental campaign: keep history from repeating

"Welcome to our virtual teach-in," said a young woman wearing glasses and cat ears. A member of Philly Thrive and co-presenter of the August 2020 teach-in, Sanija-Lanea Aikens introduced herself from a tiny rectangle at the top of a presentation slide. "Social distancing can be a real pain, but the benefit is we get to… Continue reading Philly Thrive prepares for its next environmental campaign: keep history from repeating


The future of the climate movement is intersectional

Released in September 2020, All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis brings together essays and poems by poets, journalists, scientists, and activists working in different fields within the climate movement. What unites these doers and dreamers, apart from their commitment to actionable climate solutions? They all identify as female.  According… Continue reading The future of the climate movement is intersectional

Climate link roundup: September 2020

Hello from a particularly cool and overcast week in September, as Smoke From Western Wildfires Darkens the Skies of the East Coast and Europe (InsideClimate News, September 19). People and policy The Drawdown is a resource for climate solutions in a range sectors. This JSTOR article sums up the connection between racial disparities in COVID-19… Continue reading Climate link roundup: September 2020

Climate link roundup (featuring climate v. COVID)

I'm a little behind on my intention to keep up with climate news, so quite a few of these links are from my Climate Change coursework this spring. It's worth it to me to do some annotations; I'll need to revisit this information again. People and policy Grist: The curse of ‘both-sidesism’: How climate denial… Continue reading Climate link roundup (featuring climate v. COVID)