Reading Roundup: February 2020

After We All Died by Alison Cobb. One of my creative writing classes assigned part of this collection of poetry and poetic prose, and the instructor recommended I read the rest after she read my speculative fiction short story (alluded to last month). This poetry is not about the future per se, but it is… Continue reading Reading Roundup: February 2020

The Tato and I: my Fallout 4 journal

When I started playing Fallout 4 last spring, I fell hard for this post-apocalyptic Skyrim world and found myself talking about my irradiated farms when people asked me how I was doing IRL. I started posting updates to my group chat so I could act a little more normal in public. Spoilers, etc.  March 22… Continue reading The Tato and I: my Fallout 4 journal

The Return of Gaming Summer

Last summer was a social, exploratory Summer of Gaming. Last year I finally gave myself the gift of an up-to-date console, pre-packed with half a dozen games I'd already reserved for free. Game-playing became a delightfully communal experience: I scheduled low-key hangouts with other gaming friends to try out new-to-me games (like Oxenfree, which thrilled… Continue reading The Return of Gaming Summer