Books I Loved in 2019

I read just shy of 50 new-to-me books in 2019, not including my class assignments (which included some chapbooks as well as short stories and poems). Of those, there are about a dozen that I am still thinking about, even if it's been months since I read them. I love these books because they are… Continue reading Books I Loved in 2019


Reading Roundup: November 2019

I read the first two-thirds of Inland in fits and starts, which is how I usually read: sitting on the bus, standing outside of my dance studio before it opens, occasionally over lunch if I take one away from my desk. I read the final third in one thirsty gulp like one of the principal… Continue reading Reading Roundup: November 2019

Books by women I read and loved in 2014

I’m going to go ahead and call it a year—with just a couple of weeks left in December and one looming writing deadline ahead of me before January, I don’t see myself wrapping up any more excellent books by women by the year’s end. (Although I’m looking forward to resuming Hilary Mantel’s voluminous and intricate… Continue reading Books by women I read and loved in 2014