Elsewhere on the Internet: Representation in Games

I've been enjoying PBS Game/Show, a smart, engaging, and well-presented video series on gaming issues that was recommended to me by several clever friends. Perhaps I like the series particularly well because the presenter appears to share my politics on many issues--and he's great at addressing or deflecting comments to keep the conversation inclusive and constructive. So… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Representation in Games


Elsewhere on the Internet: Gallimaufry

I have half a dozen drafts sitting in my inbox on all kinds of topics--race representation in video games, The Last 5 Years, my confused feelings about the Wolf Hall BBC adaptation--and an equally mismatched collection of links in my bookmarks. And sometimes you have to just finish one thing, just so you can prove to yourself… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Gallimaufry

Elsewhere on the Internet: Game stories

I have a post up at The Ontological Geek as part of their romance series this month (which Critical Distance kindly linked and quoted as well). I'm writing about a pattern I've noticed in the Bioware video games I love to play: a fantasy race (elves in Dragon Age, asari in Mass Effect) whose people… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Game stories