I don’t hate Mass Effect: Andromeda

Yes, I am very late to have a Hot Take on this game. I actually bought the Deluxe Edition for a meager $16 when I finally indulged in my long-awaited next-gen this spring, but was in no hurry to see why so many people had told me that ME:A would make me fall out of… Continue reading I don’t hate Mass Effect: Andromeda


Elsewhere on the Internet: Representation in Games

I've been enjoying¬†PBS Game/Show, a smart, engaging, and well-presented video series on gaming issues that was recommended to me by several clever friends. Perhaps I like the series¬†particularly well because the presenter appears to share my politics on many issues--and he's great at addressing or deflecting comments to keep the conversation inclusive and constructive. So… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Representation in Games

Elsewhere on the Internet: Dames in Games

You've heard, probably, that 48% of gamers these days are female. (Source: the Entertainment Software Association. Also, every news source like this one that reposted the ESA's stats, paying special attention to the fact that adult female gamers outnumber young male gamers.) You might also have noticed that the percentage of female playable characters in… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Dames in Games