Reading Roundup: March 2021

I spent the first three weeks of the month in an intensive writing creative nonfiction workshop, and read a few pieces of flash every day to discuss. The second spring term started in the middle of that--I'm taking fiction writing this semester. These are some of the short pieces we read in those courses that… Continue reading Reading Roundup: March 2021


Books I read and loved in 2018

Five years ago, in response to a rise in discourse about why women authors are less read and reviewed than male authors, I posted a roundup of all the books by women I read in 2013. But this blog has always been about creating a personal record for myself above all else, so I've kept… Continue reading Books I read and loved in 2018

Review: The Witch Elm

The Witch Elm by Tana French French (In the Woods) steps away from her thrilling Dublin Murder Squad series to explore another eerie mystery from the other side of the interrogation table. French has a gift for giving inner life to guarded, antagonistic characters; with The Witch Elm’s Toby, she voices the awakening of a privileged, well-liked man at… Continue reading Review: The Witch Elm

Reading Roundup: March/April 2018

In March, my gentleman showed me a photo that his friend posted to Instagram: a pile of Elena Ferrante books, with the comment "In a committed relationship." Suddenly, something clicked. This must be the same reason I found myself unable to get into any new books in March. I had a stack of books in my to-read… Continue reading Reading Roundup: March/April 2018

Reading Roundup: May/June

Recommended The Windfall by Diksha Basu. A slow-burn family drama set in New Delhi. I really enjoyed it. A good reminder to read more contemporary fiction set in global cities outside of the U.S. and London--as one character reflects, all Americans see of India are scenes of extreme wealth or extreme poverty, and we don't… Continue reading Reading Roundup: May/June