Feminist Epistemology and #YesAllWomen

I've been reading #YesAllWomen and related media cautiously--I'm the choir, and while it can be comforting to hear the preaching, it can also take an emotional toll. But this Slate headline--Men were surprised by #YesAllWomen because men don’t see what women experience--reminded me of a great online resource I stumbled across last weekend. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has great,… Continue reading Feminist Epistemology and #YesAllWomen


Elsewhere on the Internet: Writing in Public

Did you know that it is NaPoWriMo? Last year I challenged myself to read a poem every day, since I knew I'd be too busy to write so many and too shy to share. This year I made no such committment, but fortunately I follow a few poets who are churning them out, so I… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Writing in Public

Elsewhere on the Internet: Women, art, and love

There's not really a theme here: this is just a list of links I've enjoyed this week that I wanted to share before I take to the sea. (I finally get to say that and mean it!) Remember when I posted about Lilit Marcus's article about reading only women in 2013? Lilit posted a sequel… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Women, art, and love

Elsewhere on the Internet: Your Dream Job

After work last night, I stopped at a bar to join some of my old colleagues from the art museum in celebrating the tenure of our former manager, who is retiring. (Sort of. She's not one to rest on her laurels for long.) One of the lovely things about working at that museum was a… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Your Dream Job

Trolling Your Thesis

If you are a current or recovering academic, odds are good that you've already seen lol my thesis within the last month--and thanks to each and everyone one of you who linked to it.  Reducing years of research and pages of explication into one sentence = academic comedy gold. I'm delighted by the premise as a book pusher, since… Continue reading Trolling Your Thesis

A few notes on academic book titles

For first-time authors: name your dissertation something plain and boring if you're planning to turn it into a book. A book and a dissertation should not share a title, so if you've got a good one, save it for later! Your "good" title, by the way, should contain information about the book's topic. That may… Continue reading A few notes on academic book titles