Books by women I read and loved in 2014

I’m going to go ahead and call it a year—with just a couple of weeks left in December and one looming writing deadline ahead of me before January, I don’t see myself wrapping up any more excellent books by women by the year’s end. (Although I’m looking forward to resuming Hilary Mantel’s voluminous and intricate… Continue reading Books by women I read and loved in 2014


Elsewhere on the Internet: Dames in Games

You've heard, probably, that 48% of gamers these days are female. (Source: the Entertainment Software Association. Also, every news source like this one that reposted the ESA's stats, paying special attention to the fact that adult female gamers outnumber young male gamers.) You might also have noticed that the percentage of female playable characters in… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Dames in Games

On not caring if you like it

This afternoon, I visited a building across campus for a lunchtime meeting. It's not a familiar place, so I don't have a sense of who comes and goes during the day, but just then the lobby was fairly deserted. Even the security guard was away from his desk; in fact, he'd taken the elevator to another floor just… Continue reading On not caring if you like it

8 Things I Love about Orange is the New Black

It's not an unproblematic love. I'm well aware that as a privileged television viewer--one who has never been incarcerated and most likely never will be--there's necessarily something lopsided about my enjoyment of a prison drama. A prison dramedy, even, as this show can be very funny. But I think it's a well-made show that does some valuable things,… Continue reading 8 Things I Love about Orange is the New Black

Feminist Epistemology and #YesAllWomen

I've been reading #YesAllWomen and related media cautiously--I'm the choir, and while it can be comforting to hear the preaching, it can also take an emotional toll. But this Slate headline--Men were surprised by #YesAllWomen because men don’t see what women experience--reminded me of a great online resource I stumbled across last weekend. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has great,… Continue reading Feminist Epistemology and #YesAllWomen

More questionable interpretations of Lolita

Sometimes I start a post and then it just sits in my draft box until some relevant circumstance wakes it up and sets it free. In this case: some time ago, back when I was re-watching Scandal with my visiting friend, this same friend mentioned that she'd recently read Lolita and was blown away. Reading Lolita… Continue reading More questionable interpretations of Lolita