Elsewhere on the Internet: Your Dream Job

After work last night, I stopped at a bar to join some of my old colleagues from the art museum in celebrating the tenure of our former manager, who is retiring. (Sort of. She's not one to rest on her laurels for long.) One of the lovely things about working at that museum was a… Continue reading Elsewhere on the Internet: Your Dream Job


Font Lines

Last Tuesday, my work iMac had a meltdown. I felt like having one too: it's been a stressful month, trying to keep my major seasonal project rolling while filling in the gaps that open in the absence of a departmental assistant. But there is no time for hard drive failure, mine or otherwise, so I… Continue reading Font Lines

The Flight of the English Major

A recent NYT opinion piece gave some pretty surprising statistics on English majors: "In 1991, 165 students graduated from Yale with a B.A. in English literature. By 2012, that number was 62. In 1991, the top two majors at Yale were history and English. In 2013, they were economics and political science. At Pomona this… Continue reading The Flight of the English Major

Misdirected Mail

Be honest. When you hear the term "direct mail," how do you feel?Kind of gross, right?But I cannot lie, it's part of what I do now. The elaborate, extensive catalog we produce each season is a showcase that editors, sales reps, and authors can use to promote their work, but it is also a direct… Continue reading Misdirected Mail

Maybe we teach it to them

This post was originally published at Peachleaves blog This article has been making the rounds of my Facebook peer group.  It’s a thoughtful piece that puts a lot of effort into describing the conditions and causes of the current graduate school dilemma.  I don’t think I agree with his conclusions (though I certainly haven’t any… Continue reading Maybe we teach it to them